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Paper Pendants – Jewellery From Junk

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Paper Pendants made from food packaging are easy and fun to make.

You can also use your own abstract artwork to create the pendant front. The paper pendants you see above were made from card cut out of a cereal box.

They were shaped and moulded by a sophisticated technique which requires the most inexpensive tool in my craft room – an empty toilet roll tube.

And I created the channel through the back of the pendant, where the stringing material goes through, by using another amazing technique involving a skinny, flexible birthday cake candle.

Oh yes – I have all the latest crafting gadgets in my craft room!

If you want to find out how I created these paper pendants, visit where you will find a step-by-step video tutorial explaining how I use my very unsophisticated tools to create these bright, chunky and durable pieces of jewellery.

The vibrant color of the paper pendants here is from an abstract painting I did and shoved in the drawer where most of my art ends up.

I have stacks of abstract paintings that I routinely use in my craft projects.

And that’s great for me because whenever I get the urge to splosh acrylics around, I know that I will be creating more resources to choose from when I need bright splashy images to punch out for a project.

The paintings you see on the right are some of my ‘works of art’ that will never make it onto anyone’s wall.

They are the result of my many creative sessions where the curtains and floors were very much in danger of being hit by flying paint.

These pictures are evidence that during such sessions, some of my acrylic paint does in fact end up on the paper.

paper pendants

Creating the art for paper pendants is half the fun!

The fun for me is in the doing rather than striving to create ‘a painting’. I am arty but I have no discernible artistic talent for producing stuff that sells.

But I don’t care because I love having a drawer full of colorful images to use in my crafts.

And that is how I produced these paper pendants. Anyone can paint, all you need is the courage to splosh and have fun regardless of outcome.

As a crafter, making paper pendants and many other beautiful things, I don’t throw much away!

I have a stash of junk paper, card and tissue that saves me a massive amount of money.

When I see people buying expensive craft paper and other materials, I shudder. Many of the projects I see on line are (in my humble opinion!) too perfect and samey.

By that, I mean a gazillion people are using the same scrap booking paper designs by the popular designers in that field. I prefer my projects to look unique and not so perfect.

I see many people producing lovely cards, albums and scrap booking projects that all have the same kind of ‘pretty pretty’ but clinical look.

A bo-ho, individual rougher kind of look is what I go for and so using recycled paper and packaging scrap that was never meant for crafting is much better for me.

I love that I can produce beautiful objects from paper that most people would throw away.

If you would like to get started with making something pretty from junk, follow the link to and follow my easy step-by-step tutorial.

Paper Pendants – If you aren’t sure where to source products like I use in my videos,

Try my Amazon stores where I have a wealth of craft products to look through.

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