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Amazon Store Disclosure

As readers of my other blog will know, I opened an Amazon store a while back.

This was because people were asking me where they could buy the products and materials that I use in my YouTube tutorials.

So I realised that not everyone has a Michael’s or a Hobby Craft store nearby and some people need a bit of help sourcing products like the ones I use in my tutorials.

For those people, I opened Rainbow Lane.

Every time I do a new tutorial on YouTube, I always write an associated post over on my craft blog giving a link to my shop where people will find the products I have used.

If I can’t find the exact product, I find similar products and put in my shop.

When people buy products, I recieve a minute commission from Amazon, however, that is not the main reason for my shop.

The main reason is so that when people ask me where they can buy a certain prouduct, I can send them to my store.

I always urge people to shop around and get what they can from their local craft shops.

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