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Positive Youtubers

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Positive YouTubers and how they can help your mood.

We all know the saying, ‘you are what you eat’ – well I firmly believe, we are what we watch.

We are, as I write this in 2024, constantly bombarded with negative, often distressing information.

It comes blatantly, in the form of ‘news’, which is never good and it also comes disguised as entertainment.

We have soap operas, for example, watched by millions, churning out made up misery, mayhem and hatefulness.

Soap operas seem to be nothing but scene after scene of confrontation and dysfunctional relationships.

And if we don’t believe that TV influences people, we must wonder why big companies spend millions advertising on it!

Therefore, I don’t watch TV at all, ever. I can’t bear the intrusion into my home or my mind.

So for years, I have used YouTube to inform and entertain myself.

I have also created my own craft based YouTube channel.

My favourite videos are about art, craft, music, nature, literature and the countryside.

But, I am getting more and more videos of a sensationalist, very negative nature coming up on my YouTube homescreen.

The ‘fear porn’ I avoid on TV is now being pushed at me online and I hate it.

However, I have noticed recently, a much appreciated rise in what I call positive Youtubers

Postive Youtubers seem to be gaining huge popularity in these very unsettling times.

Why would that be?

Many people have what is known as a ‘Highly Sensitive Personality’ and negative input really brings them down.

As an HSP myself, I have to be really careful what information I allow into my mind.

The news, for example, is something I have not watched in 20 years.

I don’t ever read newspapers either.

My mind craves positive input but at times it is lured by these rogue scaremongering videos.

And once you get that nonsense in your head, it’s hard to forget, or not worry about.

So I am really glad to have discovered a crop of positive Youtubers who have constructive things to say.

I am going to highlight a few here over the next few posts and say why I like them so much.

My first positive Youtuber is Nigel whose channel is called Primal England.

postive YouTubers

Nigel is a man of many talents, as I am just discovering through exploring his videos.

And I am pretty sure that once I watched and engaged with Nigel’s videos, the YouTube algorithm sent me more videos from other good people like him.

That’s basically how I discovered this genre of positive Youtubers – Nigel set the ball rolling.

His most recent videos are mainly all shot in the countryside where he lives in the North West of England.

He records his thoughts and ideas about life as he walks with his dog Molly.

There are videos on Nigel’s channel that do explore more worrying subjects, such as the poor state of our towns, for example.

However, the general mood of this channel in 2024 is one of relaxed contemplation.

And even the ones in which he explores the state of our towns do, in my opinion, have a very positive side to them.

Why Are So Many English Towns Such Sh*tholes Part 1

Why Are So Many English Towns Such Sh*tholes Part 2

They validate the feelings and observations of others who are noticing these negative societal changes.

It’s easy to wonder if we are going mad when we see these changes but can’t quite believe they are happening.

We wonder if we are the only ones seeing it and then, when we see the work of those such as Nigel, we realise we are not alone.

We are not imaging things. And there is a certain comfort in that.

I experience Nigel’s channel as actively looking at ways we can appreciate life.

And that, is uplifting.

Nigel talks a lot about a slower way of life and what that means, all done against a backdrop of glorious nature.

And his community is growing quite rapidly, which is hugely comforting.

Because that means there are many of us out there who desire that gentle, positive input.

positive YouTubers

We are craving something real and comforting to counteract the nasty, sensationalist stuff coming at us over the air waves.

The stuff that shocks, frightens and immobilses us.

Nigel is a mobilser. His positive voice is an important one in the din of all the harsh voices urging us to be afraid.

The first video I watched was called ‘How Hobbies Can Save Your Sanity’.

Now when I saw this title, I really took notice because this is so true.

Hobbies, I believe, are the absolute bedrock of being happy and active, especially in later life.

Once I’d watched this video, I subscribed and watched a few more.

Bear in mind those listed below are just a very few of many.

If you want to feel a connection with a positive human rather than be spiritually knocked over backwards by the unending stream of fear porn, join Nigel on his channel.

Explore his collection of videos and talk to him in the comments, he does respond.

Finding Nigel’s channel is like being picked up and put back on your feet again.

You are dusted down and made ready to forge ahead regardless of what disaster we are required to be terrified of next.

There may or may not be awful things coming BUT, we do have today and how we spend it is up to us.

I enjoyed the videos below and I am gradually watching more.

They are very good to watch last thing at night, rather than some awful doom laden YT video about the end of the world.

Our Morning Routine For Slow Living.

Young People Make Memories Not Debt.

The Gentle Art of Doing Nothing.

Nigel comes across to me as a deep thinking no-nonsense, kindly northerner.

(I’m a southerner where people beat about the bush🙄).

He is deeply passionate about nature.

His little dog Molly is always by his side and he often stops to share his absolute joy at a sight or sound that has sent his spirit soaring.

His joy about being out in nature on his walks is palpable and infectious.

It makes you want to be out there listening to the birds and feel glad to be alive.

That’s what society needs – people with an infectious zest for life, not actors in soap operas acting out the darker side of humanity.

Why do we need to invent misery when there is so much real misery in the world?

We need to see real people getting immense joy out of doing simple things and appreciating every day.

That is what positive Youtubers such as Nigel are providing.

The other good thing about this channel is the community – I love reading the comments.

There are SO many of us out there who need these reminders that life is good.

That we can, on days when motivation seems to fail us, just make ourselves get out there.

We all have bad days, I get them – days when I find myself staring at the wall, ruminating over something awful happening thousands of miles away.

But really, what use is that?

Does it help anyone or does it just destroy a bit more of your nervous system?

Will worrying and feeling frightened help the world improve?

If you are reading this and are someone who spends time watching negative stuff online or on TV, do yourself a favour – find Nigel and walk with him and Molly.

You’ll feel differently about life and you’ll be another positive person in the world – and so it will spread.

Join me next week when I will feature Emy van Deurzen as my next Positive YouTuber.

Before I go, I must share one more video from Nigel’s channel -these are sounds to make you feel really peaceful.

The video has an inspirational story behind it and I believe Nigel will be talking about this challenging time in his life in an upcoming video.

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Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this post about positive Youtubers, you might like this this one too.

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