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Make Easy Christmas Decorations!

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How to make Easy Christmas decorations on a budget is something many people are already ask me about so…

…I’m going to show you my method for easy Christmas decorations made from a very unlikely resource – and it may surprise you!

My method for how to make easy Christmas decorations is using white bread – yes bread – but of course you can’t eat them!

easy Christmas decorations

So your main material is cheap, its easy to obtain for most people and the decorations are surprisingly durable if you make and finish them according to my method.

I’ve had mine for years and they are still going strong.

They are also pretty easy for children to make, under supervision.

I made a video on this back in 2016 and you can see that by clicking here. But first I would recommend reading on to find out what you will need to follow along with the tutorial.

If you wonder how to make easy Christmas decorations and have not come up with any ideas yet, do watch the video and have a go.

When you watch the video, you will need the following items to follow along:

  • A loaf of soft white bread (the kind no one wants to eat!)
  • A selection of Christmas themed cookie cutters
  • Acrylic metallic paint in Christmas colors
  • Paint and glue brushes
  • Sprinkle on glitter and/or items such as tiny stick-on craft gems
  • Christmas table sprinkles (as seen on the gingerbread men decorations above).
  • Thick brush on glaze/sealer such as Triple Thick
  • Some thin ribbon or pretty string

Don’t worry if you can’t get any of these things locally. I have these supplies in my Amazon store, except for the bread of course.

A cookie cutter set ideal for making detailed Christmas decorations from bread is avaiable in both my UK and US stores.

Click here to go to my UK Amazon store to see the supplies I suggest.

Click here to go to my store if you live in the US or Canada.

And to see my Amazon store disclosure, click here.

There are many ways to make easy Christmas decorations but this is the quirkiest one I know of.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment under any of my YouTube videos and I will see it.

Until next time, enjoy making you Christmas decorations.

16 thoughts on “Make Easy Christmas Decorations!”

  1. What an inventive idea! The decorations look lovely. ♥ I’m not the least bit crafty, which make me appreciate talented people like you and Mimi all the more, Gilly. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your technique!

    1. Thanks Debbie – you are of course very creative in your own sphere, even if you don’t get crafty as such. Creativity makes the world go round! This wasn’t my idea but I have no idea where I learnt it – but it was all the way back to when my children were little, so maybe at their school. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. They’re really cute Gilly – I’m just a little bit disappointed that I can’t eat them – it’d make packing up the Christmas tree a lot more fun at the end of December!

    1. Thanks Leanne, that’s a very good idea! Maybe we should work on some edible ones. I felt a bit stupid telling people not to eat them but since I made that video, I’ve read about Apple getting sued for failing to say their phones weren’t edible! Apparently someone swallowed one (or possibly more if what I read is true) and became ill. There are some strange people out there! Thanks for stopping by – much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Mimi, I’m glad you’re going to make some! And you are right, the possibilities are endless, but stand by, I’m working on a video on how to make some even easier and inexpensive tree decorations from paper and wire. Thanks so much for coming by, I’m gradually getting to love September and getting back into the Old School flow!

  3. Cute, cute and cute. Christmas is a magical time and doing things with your kids or grandbabies is a fun thing to do.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

    1. Thanks for taking time to come over – this isn’t my usual content I know and crafty stuff isn’t necessarily exactly what guys want to read – so thank you!

    1. Are you just being modest? Thanks Up – you and Cranky are real troupers, I didn’t expect you guys to get into this as it’s not my usual content. I’m cheating a bit and stealing from my other website because I’m so snowed under. Was determined to get going again after the summer break and this is it! So thanks for being here even though it might not be ‘your thing’. Much appreciated guys!

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