Christmas Craft Freebies For You

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Calling any fellow crafters out there who might like some free printable designs to use.

My other website is a craft based blog and that is where I hang out most of the time now.

I’m pretty sure a lot of the people who used to visit here (back in the days when I was actually here myself!) are arty crafty types.

So I thought I would put a link here so you can go and help yourselves to some free printables.

There is more there than just Christmas craft freebies, so go and have a look through the free printables page and see if there is anything you can use.

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It’s a Harsh Shallow World In the Winter!

Picture Source Matt Collamer Unsplash

“I stopped celebrating Christmas in 2013, the first Christmas that our suicide crisis centre was open. After witnessing our clients experiencing so much pain as 25 December approached, it never felt right to join in the festivities again.” Joy Hibbins writing in The Independant December 2016

This is the cheesiest most annoying version of Marshmallow World I could find😍
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Life Drawing Classes Can Give You the Willys!

Am I really such a prude?

Life drawing classes gave me the the Willys for sure.

Well, one to be precise. One willy and a rude awakening regarding just how unsophisticated I really am.

And childish.

And a prude.

And shit at drawing – which I already knew.

There will be lots of italics in this post – they highlight the things I thought but didn’t say during my 2 hours at an art class.

Things I didn’t say because I’m polite and grown up. Ish.

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