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European Style Paper Beads

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European style paper beads free printable for you!

If you are a crafter, you may be interested to know…

The European style paper beads template I use in my YouTube video is available as a free download!

It’s over on my sister site. And that is where you will find this and many more free printables for paper beaders.

This is just one of my paper bead freebies.

Use this…

But what are European style paper beads?

The most basic European style bead has a distinctive shape, as seen in the picture above.

And that shape is notoriously difficult to achieve in a paper bead, however, I have made it easier.

I have designed these templates and you can use them as much as you like.

Use the correct paper weight with this template and your beads will look like mine. So you will be able to make lots of beautiful paper beads!

The full European look is achieved by fitting metal bead cores, which you can get in my Etsy shop.

This free paper bead template is for cutting by hand.

Print it and stick it to your paper card (temporarily) and then cut strips along the template lines.

Roll the paper beads and then decorate as demonstrated in my YouTube tutorial .

It’s easy to use if you have good eyesight because you can line up the ruler along the black cut lines very easily.

I designed this more compact version of my other european paper beads template in two parts to save on paper.

For those who like more space in templates, the other easier to use one is still available over on Etsy.

European style paper beads
This template is better for people who like more space to work with – it prints on two sheets and makes 11 beads.
european style paper beads
This template is more compact, uses less paper and makes 12 beads

European style paper beads crafters can get the compact version free!

Just visit my sister site and download the free printable.

So if you want to make these stunning paper beads…

European style paper beads

…paper beads crafters know what to do!

My video has full instructions on how to make these exact beads. So they are pretty easy to make.

They are more advanced than basic paper paper beads. So if you are new to paper beading, click here.

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