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Christmas Craft Freebies For You

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Christmas craft freebies are a seasonal thing – right?

Well not to seasoned crafters who sell their crafts at Christmas.

If you are a serious crafter, you probably start on your Christmas stock in summer.

Whatever kind of crafter you are, these Christmas craft freebies are available year round.

My other website is a craft based blog where you can find allsorts of free craft printables, not just Christmas ones.

I’m sure many of the people who used to visit here (back in the days when I was actually here more myself!) are arty crafty types.

So I thought I would put a link here for you to go and help yourselves to some free printables.

There is more there than just Christmas craft Printables.

So go and have a look through the free printables page and see if there is anything you can use.

There is no catch to this, I love designing and playing around and it costs me nothing to share my work.

So here is the link to my free printables page.

Apart from the free christmas craft printables, you will find free designs to make stuff like this (my latest post over on Fun Crafts).

That post has a quirky story attached which makes the bead design quite special to me.

Christmas craft freebies
Christmas crfat freebies
Christmas craft freebies
Christmas craft freebies

Crafters may also be interested in my previous post on here.

One of my areas of craft expertise is in paper bead making. I have been involved in that area since the 1970s and I manufacture my own tools and templates.

I sell my tools and templates on Etsy but I also give some templates away as free printables.

The link at the top of this paragraph takes you to the post about my European style paper bead templates.

So if you are into making paper beads or want to learn, you might like that post.

Meanwhile, enjoy my free Christmas printables even if the sun is shining.

You can never get started early enough!

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