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How To Remove Metadata From Photos

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It is good practice to remove metadata hidden in photos before you post any pictures on the internet.

This is especially true if you use smart phones or other devices that embed GPS information into the images. It may be necessary to remove metadata that reveals information about you, hidden in the pictures you post online.

There are several different ways to remove metadata but I have found one very simple way that ensures all the recorded metadata has gone.

There are several different ways you can remove hidden metadata from photos but I have found one… Click To Tweet

In the above video, I show the method I use to get rid of unwanted metadata in my pictures before I post them anywhere online. This kind of data can be anything from what camera or device you used, to the exact location where you took it.

If the security of anyone in the pictures is an issue, for example, you may not want to publicise where your children live, then it would be important to remove metadata hidden in the image file.

You can also check to see if you can change the settings on your camera or device so that GPS data is not recorded. That way, the location will not be available in the first place.

However, if you are posting pictures you took while the settings were allowing GPS metadata to be recorded, you may want to get rid of it before you send your pictures out into the world.

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How much easily readable private information is embedded in your pretty pictures online?

For more information about metadata myths v facts, click here.

For more insights into reasons why you might want to think twice before posting pictures online, click to read this disturbing New York Times article –  Web Photos That Reveal Secrets, Like Where You Live.

After reading that, you may decide you want to remove metadata and the private information it contains from all your images before posting.

The way I remove metadata is just one method.

There are many others.  I find my way quick, easy and very effective. I am not relying on an app to do it, I am removing the metadata myself  by creating a whole new document that has never been in my camera.

What are your thoughts on metadata? Do you take care to remove it before posting family pics? Click To Tweet

What are your thoughts on metadata? Do you take care to remove metadata before posting personal  photos online?

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  1. Thanks for the advice i didn’t know how much data was available to anyone who wanted to look I shall be more careful in the future

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I think maybe lots of people don’t know how much private data can be attached to pictures they are posting.

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