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Free Craft Printables For My Crafty Readers

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Free craft printables are available

to download over on my other website which is dedicated to crafts and creativity. 

Are you a crafter? If you are then you may want to pop over the my other website

craft printable

If you are following me here on anythingexcepthousework and you happen to be into crafting, I’d love you to hop on over to my YouTube channel and follow me there too.

As a thank you to my 10.5k YouTube viewers for following my tutorials over the last couple of years, I have just started giving away the designs I use in some of my craft tutorials.

So far there are two 6×4 digital downloads available for you to print and use in your crafts and these are available as a thank you to new subscribers too.

Free craft printables for making tiny earrings and small pendants or, card toppers and dangles etc.
Free craft printables for making 1 inch bottle cap necklaces, card toppers, dangles and scrapbook embellishments.

And there will be many more free craft printables coming up.

I am currently designing some colorful decorative alphabet letters that I will be giving away as free craft downloads this summer.

So if you want to keep up with the designs I give away over the next few months, all you need to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel to see the tutorials I post and also, subscribe to my craft blog.

And you are very welcome to subscribe to this blog too as I will be keeping you up to date with what’s happening in the Fun Crafts studio on here too.

Although my fun crafts blog is dedicated to crafts – this one is where I write random posts about anything (except housework!) 😃

So if you do subscribe here too, be aware that you will see other posts – not just craft based posts.

If you aren’t sure how you use craft printables, you can get some ideas to start you off, in my tutorials on YouTube.

craft printables

With the first design I gave away, I made a cute little set of earrings with matching pendant  (see above).

This set is very inexpensive to make as I show you how to utilise scrap cereal box card to use as a very durable base material.

craft printables

With the second free printables design, I made some bigger pendants (see left).

I also made earrings which you can see further down the page.

But you could use these 1inch circular designs in many other crafts such as making dangles for your journals or incorporating them into scrapbook layouts.

You can use these glass domes over the designs to turn them into something special.

craft printables

The ones you see in my hand above are the teeny little 1.7mm glass domes I use over the designs on my earrings.

But I also use 1″ glass domes on my pendant designs because they really enhance the images with a beautiful domed shine.

The domes also add weight to the pendant and protection for the printed design.

If you want to use the I” designs to make earrings and you want the domed shine without the weight of glass domes, you can do as I do and use I” clear resin stickers.

craft printables
craft printables
craft printables
1″ Clear Resin stickers to add shine and protection to craft designs.
The earrings I made using the 1″clear resin stickers over the design.
One of my pendant designs with a 1″ glass dome attached to add weight and shine.

Seasoned crafters usually know exactly where to get their resources.

How many of us pop into Hobbycraft or Hobby Lobby, just for some glue and come out $50 poorer with a ton of ‘stuff’ we forgot we ‘needed’

However, depending on where you live, it can be hard to find craft supplies that go slightly beyond what is sold in mainstream craft stores.

So for the people who can’t get out or don’t have a craft store near them, I opened two Amazon stores selling craft supplies.

And here they are:

Below, you can see the kind of items you may have trouble finding where you live.

craft printables
craft printables

Right – Glass Domes
Above – 1″ Circle punch.

craft printables

Above – clear resin stickers to use when domes are too heavy.

Buying online is fine BUT if you have a local independent craft shop, I would urge you to support the owner by using it for as many of your craft needs as you can.

Although I do make commission on anything I sell from my Amazon shops (see my Amazon statement here), it is only a very tiny amount, certainly not enough for it to be anything more than a resource I have developed to help people find what they need if they can’t get it locally. Therefore I urge you all to try and get your stuff from actual high street shops while you can.

That’s it for today – any questions?

Drop me a comment below, pop over to my YouTube channel and introduce yourself in the comments and make sure you subscribe to it (and my other blog if you want to know when more freebies are added!)

Don’t forget to grab your free craft printables and let me know what you make with them – see you next time. 😘

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