Decoupage Using Comics

decoupage using comics

 Decoupage Using Comics

decoupage using comics
Keep Me Away From Auctions!

Decoupage using comics came to me as a flash of inspiration after I bought a box of old comics at auction. I have a terrible habit of buying stuff like that with only a vague idea of what I might do with them. After I had been tripping over the box in my studio for several weeks, I decided it was time to up-cycle, recycle or re-purpose them, whatever the current trendy name for saving the planet is.

decoupage using comics
Hours of Fun

So I decided to so some decoupage using comics. I was astounded that making four mirrors and several notebooks made no difference to the pile of comics and the planet still seems to be in trouble.

However, I did have fun and would recommend decoupage using comics as a way to get lost in crafts for a few hours. It does give your brain a break from worrying about whatever impending disasters await mankind according to World News.

Decoupage Using Comics is Easy and Inexpensive

It is really easy to do decoupage using comics. It is also inexpensive compared to other hobbies such as skiing which usually involves finding some snow in another country.

There is really no limit to what you can jazz up with bits of comic book pages. I have created notebooks from recycled paper, up-cycled comics and re-purposed cereal boxes – it made me feel like the Mother Teresa of unwanted things.

Those trees didn’t die in vain, I thought as my grandsons drew in their fully up-cycled Bart Simpson notebooks (with recycled paper of course).

decoupage using comics
Bart Simpson comic pages re-purposed

Seriously, hippydom to one side, decoupage using comics is a great way to do some craft projects on the cheap. You can use any printed matter really which means you don’t have to go out and spend cash on the prettied up, soulless expensive craft papers that everyone else is using. Your projects will look unique if you make use of any discarded, colorful printed matter.

You can create truly personalized presents for children using their favorite comic characters on mirrors or picture frames for their rooms. You can even adding their names if you feel really artistic.

Use Charity Shop Frames and Mirrors to Decoupage Using Comics

So far, I have decoupaged cheap picture frames that I have bought in charity shops for next to nothing and mirrors bought cheaply from places such as Wilkinson’s and The Range (in the UK) and sometimes, charity shops.

decoupage using comics
Minnie The Minx Mirror

I have done decoupage using comics on recycled cardboard from food packaging that I have strengthened and conditioned with a layer of decoupage glue first. I have then created notebooks for myself and the children in the family which I stitch with wax thread using the Coptic binding method.

Awesome Decoupaged Comic Shoes!

It wasn’t until I came across the mother of all decoupage with comics ideas on the Instructables website that I realized my projects, while charming in their own way, don’t have the edge of the decoupaged high-heeled Iron Man shoes made by Scooter76. This picture shows them in all their awesomeness.

decoupage using comics
Truly Original Shoes by Scooter76

I was very tempted to have a go myself but as I forgot how to walk in high heels round about 1987, I didn’t see the point (or want to balance on one). I did have a go a my son’s wedding a few years back as boots don’t go too well with dressy dresses. However, I fell off them during the official pictures.

Unfortunately high heels don’t seem to be like bicycles which apparently you can get straight back on and ride after a fall. So now I stick to boots with a two-inch cuban heel max and I find I can move at 200 miles an hour in them as opposed to laying immobile on the ground in high heels with my knickers on show.

Step By Step Instructions

Anyhow, back to Scooter76’s shoes. You could do this with practically any comic or magazine and a bit of practice. Click on here to go straight to his step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Going back to my own projects, you can find step-by-step instructions for the Bart Simpson note-book by clicking here and for  the comic mirror or picture frame here.

decoupage using comics
Minnie The Minx Picture Frame

If you want to try the Deco Mache glue that I use in my Instructables tutorial, you can get it on Amazon.Happy glueing! I would be interested to hear about the most unusual thing you have successfully decoupaged and please don’t say it was your mother-in-law because that is just cruel.

8 thoughts on “Decoupage Using Comics”

  1. Great ideas for crafting with comics! I love the picture frame. I’m going to save that idea for a grandson birthday gift. So unusual, and artistic. Stopping by for a visit from the #MidLifeLuv group.

  2. Firstly, I can just see some people cringing at the thought that you may have had Spider-Man #1 in that pile! Lol I am not very artsy but I have to tell you , I love those shoes! Not only did you recycle paper but a pair of shoes that would have been binned are saved as well! I am going to try but I am afraid I will end up as one of those Pinterest fails. Thank you so much for sharing on #MidLifeLuv!

    1. Thanks Elena – you would be surprised at how easy it is! And don’t worry, comics all checked for value!!!!!! Thank you for taking time to comment.

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