Raspberry Ketone – Do You Lose lbs or £s?

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Raspberry Ketone – why are people fighting over short supplies of these pills in shops?

Raspberry Ketone was a mystery to me until last week when I witnessed three women arguing over the one remaining bottle of the ‘wonder’ pills in a health food shop. Each was clearly desperate not to live another day without Raspberry Ketone.

Raspberry Ketone
Can these REALLY melt fat?

These three middle-aged, sensible looking, well-dressed women had flecks of foam round their mouths and were squaring up to each other when I left. I wondered what on earth was so important about a small pot of capsules that could make respectable women act like rival gang-members if they couldn’t get their fix of Raspberry Ketone.

The girl behind the counter said the pills were selling out as soon as they came in, so I rushed straight home to Google it. I found that Christina Aguilera and other such people who spend their lives trying to defy gravity, are shouting about a miracle weight loss product (yawn yawn) from the roof-tops. Or in Christina’s case from the Jay Leno show in the USA. The article then goes on to say she is referring to Raspberry Ketone.

On the website, we are shown how this ‘fat burning wonder’ transformed Christina Aguilera from a cuddly looking overweight Zsa Zsa Gabor into a stick-thin Barbie Doll without lifting a finger, apart from the ones, I assume, putting the Raspberry Ketone pills into her mouth. She claims, according to the website, to have lost 42lbs in six weeks with these pills. Oh, I nearly forgot, you also need to take another product with it called Aloe Cleanse.

Raspberry Ketone – can it reveal toned abs hiding under the fat once it has ‘melted’ away?

When I saw the ‘before’ image of Christina, I immediately had a flashback to an episode of Friends where they needed to make Monica look very fat. She was made ‘fat’ with the use of prosthetics. I am not saying that is what has been done here – it just reminded me of the pretend ‘fat’ Monica… that’s all.

You will see on the same page, there is an incredible array of stars such as Jennifer Anniston and Victoria Beckham alongside claims that they ‘confess’ to the use of Raspberry Ketone and Aloe Cleanse. Its use, apparently,  is the ‘secret to their incredible figures’. Oh – so it’s not all the exercise done under the tuition of an expert personal trainer then?

There are also before and after shots of more ordinary, podgy people who have shed loads of fat to reveal the beautifully toned tummies that were apparently hiding underneath. Hurrah!

So do we all have amazing abs hiding under layers of fat? Am I wasting my time working hard to keep my core muscles strong when all I need to do is take a pill?

Maybe Raspberry Ketone is a wonder pill for increasing metabolism, melting fat and increasing energy I can’t say one way or the other, but I don’t believe it will give you the body of a ‘star’ who spends several hours a day working out with or without a trainer, unless you work at it the way they do.

As far as I am aware, if you don’t work to tone and maintain muscle health, they will not become toned and strong on their own.

While there are no claims on the website that the pills will give you a toned body as well as melting fat, the images used on the page do make it look as if the podgy people in the pictures were delighted to magically find amazing, toned bodies under the fat.

But if you scroll to the bottom of the page, past all the glowing comments and claims of success from Joe public, you will see a disclaimer notice written in a dull colour on a black background. It is clearly not designed to stand out. Read it and then, go back to the top and read it all again with the disclaimer in mind.

It does make me wonder if you are more likely to lose £s rather than lbs – just saying…

Although I don’t want to lose weight, I would be quite happy to have my metabolism revved up a little more and I wouldn’t mind having my energy boosted to help me increase my running time on the treadmill. It isn’t a massive issue – I can manage 30 minutes at a good pace without a problem but it will be interesting to see if I can get into the next Olympics with these ‘wonder’ pills.

So I have obtained some Raspberry Ketone from Holland & Barratt and have taken the first two today. I will let you know if my metabolism goes into overdrive and whether or not I can run any harder or further than I could before.

However, if the amazing claims about weight loss really are true, I may just disappear.

I think it is only fair that I tell you though, I took my first pill after breakfast today and according to the thousands of ‘testimonials’ from people online, I should  be feeling full of energy by now. However, it is 4.15pm and I am flagging. This is because I need some water, an apple, some fresh air and a good long walk to pep me up just as I always do at this point in the day.

For information on more realistic ways to maintain a fit, healthy, slender body not to mention  a healthy mind, have a look at Leslie Kenton’s amazing book Age Power.