Hurricane Bertha – were these clouds her remains over Harwich today?

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Hurricane Bertha blew herself into an ex-hurricane while sweeping through the Caribbean and then weakened into an Atlantic storm, according to one newspaper at the end of last week. But she confounded all the weather forecasters who on Saturday warned her off-spring storm may or may not hit the UK.

Hurricane Bertha
Were these storm clouds in Essex today anything to do with the remains of Hurricane Bertha?

After the Met Office’s chief forecaster Eddy Carroll warned there was ‘considerable uncertainty’ about the UK’s weather this weekend, I thought it was pointless hiding in the cupboard under the stairs any longer and decided to venture out.

After several bouts of torrential rain and high winds in our part of Suffolk over Saturday night into Sunday morning, the sun came out and all was good. Then the rain came back and everything went dark again and I decided the remains of Hurricane Bertha was in one of those moods where she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

During a prolonged period of sun, we decided to visit Harwich in Essex to walk on the beach. We hadn’t been there long when Bertha’s remains rose up again and tried to rip my hair off.

As I stood fighting with my hoodie, I heard my husband utter the words ‘holy shit, we need to get back to the car’. I turned round to follow his horror-struck gaze, the above scene is what I saw.

If this was indeed anything to do with Hurricane Bertha, I’d hate to have seen the real deal at the height of her power.

Nice one Hurricane Bertha, you did give us some interesting skies in Suffolk and Essex today. We were thankful that was all you gave us after the misery you caused elsewhere.

Hurricane Bertha
Queen Victoria was not amused by the threat of a storm overhead in Harwich.