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Copyright Claim is Denied

copyright claim

Copyright claim victim Ben Emlyn-Jones is today celebrating a YouTube victory after the infringement claim against him was denied.

Film-maker Ben has been fighting the unjust removal of his Colonel Halt Briefing film after a person connected with the film claimed his copyright had been infringed.

YouTube reinstated Ben’s film this week after an in-depth investigation into the claims. The full story on the circumstances leading up to the claim can be found here.

This is very good news for those in similar situations where a person has made a groundless copyright claim in order to have a film they simply do not like removed.

In this case, Ben believes that the false copyright claim was made as an attempt to silence him and prevent widespread viewing of the film. He believes his views on some of the film’s subject matter may differ from those of the person who had the film removed.

copyright claim
Top right corner – Ben Emlyn-Jones filming the event as agreed.

Ben was present at the event where the film was made specifically to create the recording for the organiser. However, when he put the film together, he expressed support for a person who was heavily criticised in one of the lectures that featured in the film. Ben believes this support may have upset the organisers prompting one person to make the copyright claim against him.

The fact that YouTube removed the film immediately and launched the investigation shows a strong commitment on their part  to protecting the copyright of even the ‘little guy’ who is unlikely to have the money or clout to sue. Despite this not being a huge claim by a powerful organisation whose roar might frighten YouTube’s lawyers, they still removed the film straight away. And that, in my view, is a good thing because it shows the safeguard  is designed to protect everyone, not just the big guns.

But what is even more encouraging is that after weighing up all the evidence Ben presented them with, YouTube stayed true to UK copyright law and reinstated his film. This shows how robust the law is – particularly Section 58.

Well done Ben, you fought back and won. You have blazed a trail others in similar situations in the future can follow.

As I said in my previous article here on the copyright claim – the law is there to protect, it is not a weapon to be swung at those whose opinion may annoy some people. Ben’s film can be seen by clicking here.

Copyright claim

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