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Paper Jewelry

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Paper jewelry can be made from practically any paper, especially scrap. To prove this, I set out to make two bracelets from paper that would… Read More »Paper Jewelry

Artsy Jewelry – Wear Your Artwork & Junk Mail With Pride

Paper Beads
How do you get this…
Paper Beads
…from this?

Paper beading is probably one of the least expensive crafts to get into and, it is the fastest way to produce artsy jewelry. Paper beading is also probably one of the most addictive crafts I know of. When I talk to people about ‘paper beads’, they often look at me as if I am mad.However, when I show them the beads, the usual response is, wow, you made them from paper?

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The Apprentice

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The Apprentice is back on our screens and already I am in despair over the glaring discrepancy between the candidates’ ludicrous self-puffery and their actual… Read More »The Apprentice

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