5 Reasons Why I read Your Blog – No 3

why I read your blog

Five reasons why I read your blog - part three.

3) Your post had humour, humility, hope or hobby talk.

There is way too much misery, anger and ego in the world. Lots of it is highlighted in various ways across the internet. So if your blog has a feel of irreverent humour about it, I am on it like a magnet.

Humility is another great trait I love in writers. I am attracted to blogs that show a high degree of this. It shows respect for readers along with creating an air of equity - something this world needs in abundance.

If a post is about something mad, bad or sad, I love when it also carries a grain of hope with a splash of optimism.

Anything that gives hope to people who may be suffering alone and in need of human warmth are like diamonds sparkling in a sea of negativity. Words of hope and optimism can act like a beacon of light in a world where hostility is becoming the norm.

If your blog has a feel of irreverent humour about it, I am on it like a magnet. Click To Tweet

We all have sad stories to tell and the telling can be therapeutic, even cathartic. Add a bit of hope and an optimism and send it out in to the world. It will work wonders for someone.

In real life, I adore people who are funny. If being around you makes me laugh, you have an open invitation to my house because I will laugh all day long given the choice between that and crying.

There are times when a raw, funny, compassionate post has given me that choice when  crying had been feeling like the only option. Writers who can share their sadness while giving a message of hope are truly golden.

why I read your blog

                                                 Ok! Lighten up already!

People who do not take themselves or life too seriously really light up the world. Click To Tweet

Such people are skilful at garnering empathy, support and respect without making people pity them. That attracts me to read.

In the blogging world I am drawn in by titles that suggest a wicked sense of humour and the ability to laugh in the face of adversity. I follow one writer in particular who writes about her serious health issue in a way that makes people laugh. I don't feel sorry for her at all but I do feel compassion.

Pity ain't pretty. Compassion, however, is a potential world changer. Pity is crying over images of starving children and doing nothing else. 

Compassion is donating money, time or physical resources to help change the situation or issue that sparked the tears.

Pity ain't pretty. Compassion, however, is a potential world changer. Click To Tweet

And finally, if you wrote about your hobby, my day is complete! Especially if it involves crafting or painting. I spend hours and hours reading blogs or watching vlogs about the things people do in their spare time.

Having time to enjoy hobbies is one of the greatest gifts later life brought me when it arrived with the wrinkles.

There are days when my creativity runs dry and I really appreciate being able to sit back and read blogs or watch vlogs about the creative activities of others.

There is nothing quite like finding another passionate crafter who loves to write or vlog as well. I am all over those blogs like a rash!

If your post had humor, humility, hope or hobby talk, that is why I read it.



Next up - reason No 4 of 5 Reasons Why I Read Your Blog.

20 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I read Your Blog – No 3”

    1. Thank you Robyn! Am just off to read your latest one minute mind (which is the opposite of my final reason in the series!). However, I LOVE how much interest you pack into your posts and can’t wait to read it.

  1. I once had someone write to tell me that they didn’t like my blog because I write about dark things and they only want to fill their feed with light things and things that don’t require much thought. I hurt her brain she said, or rather my words did. I on the other hand am very drawn to people’s vulnerability and bravery and humanity and how they write about that experience. There is a place for us all. Thank goodness. Another wonderful post, thank you xx
    Sarah Cox recently posted…Be patient. Be kind. If you cannot, say nothing.My Profile

    1. That’s too bad for the person who said that. I do wonder why people like that don’t just simply click away from the blog that they don’t like and find ones they do. Why criticise before you leave? Some people write about dark stuff and drag the world down with them but your posts certainly don’t do that. Serious posts that inform, empathise, reassure or spark positive action are very important in a world with so many lost, lonely people in it. So many people live alone now and I am sure connecting with like-minded people online is a life-saver for many of them. I hope that comment didn’t get to you too much! And thanks for your kind comments by the way.

    1. That’s very kind of you to say so Corinne. Lots of people may not agree though! As long as we all enjoy what we are doing – that’s the main thing. Thank you for your support.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Jay. Loved your latest assholeswatchingmovies post. You’ve got a great site and a hilarious email address. It’s the kind of humor that makes the world a lot less shite and more fun all round!

    1. Thank you Nichola for reading and commenting. Yes – I agree, blogs that teach something are good. I have learnt some very helpful things from blogs with good, reliable techie tips.

    1. Hi Stef! Been thinking about you – thanks for reading and commenting. Yes – we love HAPPY!!!! Or sad with a spin. Hope all is well with you. Must catch up.

    1. Thank you Wendy, your visit is appreciated. Will be by to visit you too (after dinner!)Can’t wait to read about your pre-Christmas weight-loss quest. Makes a change to hear about this before Christmas instead of the usual January slim-fest.

  2. Hey there, great post =) But be honest any hobby talk 😉 ? Because crafting isn’t the only hobby out there^^ Otherwise I totally agree with you, some people simply write good post because they are just totally able to connect emotionally with their readers..they make us feel with them, but also let us hope for everything to become good again…=)
    Sabine recently posted…Let’s go shopping in China!My Profile

    1. Hi Sabine – yes very true – I might get bored with hearing about goldfish breeding! Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope your travels are going well – can’t wait to read your next post.

    1. Hello Verushka, you are welcome and yes I will definitely be visiting again. I didn’t get to make the curry last night after all as I didn’t make it to get the ingredients but hopefully tonight!

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