Words To Inspire No. 1

words to inspire

Words to Inspire

Words to inspire who?

Well, er...me. And maybe you too if you need words to inspire you for any reason.

We all get those days when that yappy little gremlin settles down on one shoulder and yells in our ear.

We all get those days when that yappy little gremlin settles down on one shoulder and yells in our ear. Click To Tweet

Not sure why gremlins never yell nice stuff like, "Wow, you are a fecking genius - I LOVE you!"

I guess it's all to do with gremlin street cred. Being nice isn't what gremlins do.

Yesterday, I had two gremlins settle down for the day - one on each shoulder, both shouting crap in my ears in Ossie Osbourne's voice.

Being told you are  fcking useless by Ossie is demoralising.

Every time I yelled back at one Ossified gremlin, the other one leaned round and got hold of my face and started yelling louder.

It was a bad day. But you know what? I don't do more than one bad day at a time.

Today had to be better and I decided to find some words to inspire.

Words to inspire need pictures to soothe.

And as pictures are what I do best, I decided to spin round in circles to make the gremlins so sick they fell off and then, I worked on some images.

Then I looked for words to inspire and put them together.

I was so busy, the gremlins knew I wouldn't listen and they went off to raise hell somewhere else.

So then a couple of little cherubs appeared on my shoulders saying, "you're doing good, you're doing good - keep going."

Oh how we love the cherubs! But we don't really hear them until we shake the gremlins off.

The cherubs say stuff like, "hey, go put some Jimi Hendrix on and groove." (Do people still groove?)

Anyhow, it works for me and Ossie's voice disappeared into the distance yelling "Jimi Hendrix? You call that music? You need some Sabbath !"

Ok Ossie, maybe another day.

words to inspire

Why the Barbie and Ken pic? I thought this was about words to inspire?

Ok - well after a day of fighting gremlins singing Paranoid in my ear:

"All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisy

Think I'll lose my mind if I don't find something to pacify."

We went to see my 4 year old step-grandaughter who has more Barbies than Toys r Us.

I was still smarting from some of the insults the gremlins yelled at me:

"Nobody loves you - die!"

Well clearly Ruby loves me because she invites me to the Barbie party as soon as we walk in the door. And I get the best Barbie to play with.

And when grandad leaves her dad watching football to come and see how the party is going, Ruby gives him a withering look and says, 'you can go back and watch TV now grandad'.

And that wasn't a suggestion - that was an order!

Then she fixed me with a look that said, "Men!"  I mean, how funny is that at 4 years old!

So we continued with the party during which she told me Ken is going to marry all the Barbies in the collection.

I drew breath to set her straight about marriage laws in the UK and then I thought, wait, she is four and these are dolls.

So I said, "wow Ruby, really?" And she replied with the carefree attitude she has, "Yep - there's gonna be lots of weddings Gilly!"

Inspired by a Barbie party? Seriously? Click To Tweet

So those were the words that inspired me to make sure I listen to the cherubs every single day - no matter how impossible things seem at times.

I am off to trawl the charity shops to see if I can find enough Ken's for all Ruby's Barbies - although these days, Barbie might not need or want a Ken but I think it's a bit soon to explore those ideas - I'll leave that to mummy!

Watch out for my next choice of words to inspire - no borrowed quotes there - all my own words coming up on the next image!

Scroll down to where is says, 'leave a reply' and tell me what your favourite words to inspire are.



12 thoughts on “Words To Inspire No. 1”

  1. Gremlins don’t need to be mean to have street cred. Every self-respecting gremlin gets all the cred they need just from being a gremlin. If they need to yell in my ear then they’re the ones with the problems. You have inspired me to remind my gremlins of that.
    Now please excuse me while I kiss the sky.
    Christopher recently posted…Fishing For Compliments.My Profile

    1. You have a very good point there Mr Wonder Squid! Those gremlins are SO rude and it IS their problem. Give the sky a kiss for me too! Thanks so much for your much welcome visit here.

    1. Thank you Corinne! I would love to see the Indian versions of Barbie and maybe get one for my step-grand daughter. I will look online. Wow – I can imagine the beautiful selection of Sari’s! The Ken dolls are just as outrageous in their stereo typing as the slender, ‘perfect’ Barbies. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    1. Yes – those are the words that get so many people through the bewildering wilderness that is life! Thanks for your visit and comment – much appreciated.

  2. Too funny! Good for you – spinning the gremlins off your shoulders! My grandson turns 4 tomorrow and is the best teacher of joy! We played fireman for hours last week. I had bought him a new fireman costume and he loved it. He improvised very easily by using his finger as a pretend firehose! it was so much fun, so I totally get how you enjoyed the Barbie party! Oh…to be 4 again…but…oh….to be a grand mama……that is something I truly treasure. Tomorrow is birthday party!!!! party on all grandmas!#^*&^/#! $@

    1. A finger fire hose is a real blessing when you think of those children who have used real water! Or even real fire – yikes! Yes – 4 is a great age – hope the party is/was fun. Thank you so much for your visit here and comment.

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