Words To Inspire 2 – An Inspirational Quote That May Hit A Nerve In Some

Inspirational quotes

An inspirational quote can come from our own minds - they don't always come from Pinterest!

Yes - I too have my moments when everything is crystal clear and I give advice to myself - well, don't you?

The inspirational quote I have made here came to me after I thought about people who force the family to sit in church on Sunday while living very un-Christian lives in full view of their children.

Ok - so you may not find it inspiring - you may even find it offensive if you take your children to church.

Taking children to church is fine if they see you living the life of a Christian.

Taking children to church is fine if they see you living the life of a Christian. Click To Tweet

However, if they see you living the life of a hypocrite (not loving they neighbour as thy self because thy neighbour has a nicer car for example), you are going to pay twice as heavily when your adorable little munchkin turns into a Kevin on the stroke of 13.

Let's face it, all kids get to that Kevin and Perry age. Not familiar with Kevin? You'd better watch this - especially if you have pre-teen boys.

Yes people - forget inspirational quotes - this is what you have coming if you have a pre-teen boy!

Dead on the stroke of 13, your angelic baby boy is going to turn on you. He will lose the power of speech (unless he needs a ride somewhere, some money or a new smart phone) and he will only grunt at you for the next five years, possibly more.

Dead on the stroke of 13, your angelic baby boy is going to turn on you. Click To Tweet

Everything will be your fault. Whatever you do will be embarrassing. Any personal crisis you have that effects your teen's life will have been done deliberately, according to them, to piss the said teen off.

Seriously. I have been there. It was bad.

Of course, this may be a Brit thing. The Kevin syndrome may be peculiar to the UK. Does Canada, the US, India, China, South Africa, for example, have a problem with 12 year old boys suddenly wanting to be adopted because mother has become SO embarrassing?

I would love to know.

So, getting back to my inspirational quote - just how bad could it get if you lived an un-Christian life while forcing your kids spend Sunday in church?

Well, my kids didn't go to church, so I can't really say.

There is no way I could have walked the walk so I didn't think it was fair to make them listen to a vicar talking the talk on a Sunday.

It would have been confusing and hypocritical for them to have the 10 Commandments rammed down their throats while my life consisted of systematically breaking them.

Murder was quite easy not do do.

Adultery was more tricky at times.

Murder was quite easy not do do. Adultery was more tricky at times. Click To Tweet

Stealing? Mmmm...the odd pencil from work I suppose, but still, stealing is stealing.

Working on a Sunday? Not my fault. Ironically, I often had to attend Civic church events on a Sunday when my kids were young. I was paid to take pictures of pious VIP people attending church events for which they were also paid. Civic hypocrites are the worst.

So yeah, another tricky one. I guess we were all offending God in his own house.

Coveting your neighbour's house/wife/servant/ox/donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbour? Does that mean your actual neighbour as in, next door?

If yes, then I am probably ok on that one. If no and 'neighbours' are whoever we share the planet with (and I strongly suspect they are) then I am sure I have coveted stuff I should not have been coveting.

The problem we have here is that covet means to 'desire wrongfully'. Mmmmm....I'm thinking Jon Bon Jovi, all of Led Zepplin, Marc Bolan (well I was only 18!), one of the Rolling Stones (not saying who), all of the Beatles, Slash, some of Guns 'n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley in retrospect and my trainer at Vic Tanny's gym back in the day.

Desiring wrongfully, (coveting), may have been my most broken commandment now that I come to think of it.

Desiring wrongfully, (coveting), may have been my most broken commandment now that I come to think of it. Click To Tweet

Or maybe misusing the name of the Lord my God? Constant use of OMG! is not good people. Just because it is shortened to OMG! does not let us off the hook.

Just for the record, when I write OMG! now, it means Oh. My. Goodness. So I am getting better.

Further, there have been times when I did not honour my father and mother.

It's quite hard to do that when you are supposed to be at youth club with other youth club aged people and yet, you find yourself in the worst pub in town with a joint in one hand and a Bacardi and Coke in the other while talking to a Charlie Manson lookalike.

All in all, I thought it best to stay away from hypocrisy as much as possible when my kids were young to prevent the inevitable confusion and questions when they saw me doing the exact opposite of what the vicar said was acceptable in life.

Afterall, children look up to us and get far too much of the old 'don't do as I do, do as I say' nonsense.

So what is my inspirational quote number two really saying?

It is this:

If you treat your own mother badly, for example, and yet you force religion down your children's throats, what do you say when they come home from Sunday school one day and ask what 'honoring thy father and mother' looks like?

If Grannie sits alone, and old, 600 miles away while opening meaningless, token Christmas presents, your kids will be confused about how you deal with that commandment.

If they don't see you doing it and only hear about it in church they will have real reasons to despise you when they hit 13 and start to figure things out.

We do enough hypocritical stuff in front of our kids without even thinking - so unless you live a totally blemish free Christian life - don't confuse your children with church, it will just cause them confusion and possibly emotional turmoil.

We do enough hypocritical stuff in front of our kids without even thinking - it creates confusion. Click To Tweet

I know, I have seen it in action and the backlash can be catastrophic in adult life.

If you have an inspirational quote about keeping it real with your children, or any other thoughts on this - scroll down to the 'leave a reply box and talk to me.




  1. Gilly, this is such an insightful quote in my opinion. I don’t go to church, and I’m sort of an agnostic…. I have a cobbled together view of what I believe in! I’ve been married to a couple of Catholics though (and been through the annulment process – that’s a hard one!), and I have to say that some of what I saw in church when I did go there was enlightening when I knew what people were like outside of it. One of the most eye-opening discussions I had was with the Catholic minister before marriage number 2….. I had to do the pre-marriage interview as I wasn’t a Catholic (didn’t convert when I got married the first time) and I had to be ‘vetted’ if we wanted to get married in the church (which we did). The priest and I had a very interesting discussion about who gets into Heaven. Apparently, I could be a mass murderer and still get in as long as I accepted God on my death bed and asked for forgiveness. And, I could be a loving, kind, selfless and outstanding citizen my entire life, but if I didn’t accept God on my death bed, the doors would be closed in my face. That’s when I gave up on organized religion in any way in my head! I think treating others well is far more important than turning up at church regularly…. but that’s just me, and of course I support those who choose to attend if they wish. I don’t have any children either, but I’m a primary school teacher, so the setting an example thing is big in my books!

    1. Just read my comment back and it sounded a bit like I think every single person who goes to church is hypocritical…. which I don’t at all! Some of my best friends believe in God and go to church regularly. Just thought I’d make that clearer so as not to offend a whole swathe of society! 🙂

    2. Hello Linda – thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I totally agree with you in everything you have said here – there are some very crazy upside-down concepts attached to religion. Kindness, self-respect and respect for others should be the main messages we give children instead of confusing them with hell, fire and brimstone! Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. What a great reminder. When I took my kids to church I actually did maintain the Christian lifestyle and mindset. And then life.. As for the 10 Commandments. I’ve always believed that if you’ve broken one, you’ve broken all and God knew we would. I think it’s just His way of giving us another line of communication to Him when we come to Him and repent. – Just my thoughts. 🙂

  3. Wow. And if I may add a reminder–one of the commandments is “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Be nice to your neighbor but also be nice to yourself, and that includes forgiving yourself for your occasional indiscretions.
    Forgiveness isn’t a free pass; it should only be given with the understanding that no one’s perfect, and it leaves room for us to try and be better.
    Christopher recently posted…Fishing For Compliments.My Profile

    1. Thank you for that very good advice! I’m much kinder to myself now that I am older and hopefully wiser Forgiveness is an incredibly soul cleansing act if it is authentic. Life is so short, it’s a great shame to spend any of it being bitter. Thanks so much Christopher

  4. I can honestly say I have no inspirational quotes inside of me, but I really do like yours. And I am an atheist, well, agnostic at best, so I can’t say that I have forced my children to go to church, though I once unknowingly gate crashed a christening forcing my children to attend church in the hope my children could get into the “right” catholic school. Needless to say that was the last attempt – no catholic school for my kids – and frankly we all dodged a bullet.

    Having said that I am a hypocrite most days. As I get older, I realise how the conformity of life and society isn’t the way to go. I try more and more to encourage my (now) adult children to be non-conformist and to be independent thinkers and to be kind, but most days I don’t even achieve that myself.

    It’s such a strange thing isn’t it? Juxtaposing our need to belong and to be accepted (requiring a level of conformity – be it in the Christian way or not) with wanting to be independent, free to do whatever we please. That is where my dilemma with my children comes in. I will tell them to not conform, be independent, and then admonish them for doing so because of what society might think. Argh, I am a walking hypocrisy at times I tell you.

    Great piece Gilly, as always.
    Sarah @ Sarah’s Heart Writes recently posted…The rambling recesses of my mindMy Profile

    1. You certainly did all dodge a bullet! Thank you for your very welcome thoughts Sarah – and I think you are being a bit harsh on yourself (the hypocrite thing) – at least you are a deep thinker and not a blind follower. That’s all we can do is question question question instead of accepting everything we are told like good sheeple. Thanks for your visit to this post. xxx

  5. Oh wow, Gilly!! You couldn’t have hit me any harder with a hammer! I did force mine to go to church, and I was the biggest hypocrite alive- most of the time. OMG, the full out version was always on my lips. In fact, it’s not till my 55th year, 2016, that I have finally stopped saying it! To my shame.
    And the adultery, coveting, stealing, alcoholism…… even murder- in my thoughts!!
    So, what you said is 100%!! If you’re a hypocrite- it will bite you in the butt, big time! My youngest daughter, turned into a gremlin at 13. She hated me just for breathing, basically. I embarrassed her by being fat, for having the wrong haircut, then for having no hair at all, for driving a junky car, etc etc…
    Sigh, I got paid back in triplicate, for all my teenage rebellion!
    My dad was a pastor, and a huge hypocrite, I’m not even gonna go into it.
    Melinda Mitchell recently posted…Religion? Relationship?My Profile

    1. Melinda I love you! Your honesty is SO refreshing and you make me laugh. So you lived life – that’s what we do – the good and the bad. Most kids DO turn into gremlins at 13 and will find reasons to hate us – just best not to give them a ready made supply! I’m guessing your daughter came out of it since you do so much for her (if it’s the same one of course). Thanks for reading and giving this very honest and humorous reply.

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