Ok - take a look at the picture. The 'to do' list is real but yes, I did fake the a way. This really happened on another day, but I can't show you that.What I wrote on my list that day is too embarrassing. So I replicated it at the top of today's to do list.

This tendancy to forget the day and date is just normal. Most of my notebooks have more 'scribblings out' than neat, correctly dated beautifully written lists.

The truth is, I need a PA. An even bigger truth is, if I discount my husbands income - I have the personal wealth of a peasant working on the land in 12th century Britain.

There is as much chance of me getting a PA than there is of me going to have afternoon tea at Buck House - ain't gonna happen in this lifetime! Aunty Liz is not in the habit of inviting peasants in for tea.

So what do I do? Look at this...


This is just a small selection of the notebook collection lurking around my house. The notebook collection you see in the left hand picture is not from the collection in the right hand picture. I have a lot of notebooks. This is a small sample because it does not include what is in the loft. It is the tip of a massive iceberg. The rest of it is in bits all over the house.

If my children or step-children are reading this - they may be horrified. Don't worry, I hope to burn them long before you will have to come and put all our belongings in a skip. There is a very good chance much of what they contain has dates that don't even exist, like, for example, February 31st. I am sure there will be a page with that on somewhere in my collection.

Half the time I just guess at the date thinking I will check it with the computer when I sit down to execute my list. Most of the time, I forget and rogue dates abound.


Will the old-fashioned notebook you see above soon become a thing of the past? I have heard rumours about an entrepreneur in the US who is revolutionising notebooks and they way we use them.

It is just a rumour but I have a feeling something is happening next week and we may be getting closer to having a notebook that actually works for us - a bit like the PA I can't afford. Except I'm pretty sure I will be able to afford this innovative notebook.

The rumour I have heard on the grapevine says the notebook is called Choices. And very soon, I think there is going to be an explosion of people telling us just how brilliant the Choices Notebook is. There is something in my inbox about it - maybe even a sneaky peak at the pages? Wanna see? Stay tuned and remember that name - Choices Notebook.

I'm so excited! For notebook freaks like me, this is all our birthdays coming at once!

Oh - and reason number three in my five reasons why I read your blog is coming next - sorry - got carried away with the excitement of the rumours about the Choices Notebook.