Poems About The Moon

Poems about the moon have been written in vast quantities for centuries.

If you Google 'poems about the moon' there about 235,000,000 results - so I am under no illusions that in writing my short poems about the moon, I am blazing any kind of a trail!

My teeny little poems about the moon are purely a way of expressing my thoughts about it.

I have always loved the moon and see it as a link to every single person who has come before me.

When it is full, I often stand under it, gazing up and feeling content knowing that all those people I have loved and lost have stood under the same moon.

The sky, with all its wonders, has covered us all since the dawn of time - and I love the fact that whatever changes around us, all we have to do to see something all our ancestors saw is simply look up.

I have written before on how much I love solitude and when the moon is full, I feel that solitude when looking up at it, even in a crowded place.

Poems about the moon


I wrote these two poems about the moon in December 2018 and January 2019.

The second moon picture was taken early in the morning of Jan 22nd, just over 24 hours after the eclipse (which I missed!).



poems about the moon

Hope you enjoyed my poems about the moon.

That second one was inspired by what I saw when I opened my eyes this morning. It was about 27 hours since the eclipse we'd had on Monday morning and I awoke to find this beautiful perfect moon just hanging there in the early morning sky.

It was icy cold as I stood shivering in my night clothes by the open window trying to get a photo of the moon in completely clear inky blue sky.

Then the words just came tumbling out of my brain.

What does the night sky mean to you?

Has it ever inspired you to write poems about the moon?