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Paper Bead Crafters Listen Up

You may be interested to know…

The new paper bead template that I use in my latest YouTube video is available as a free download over on my sister site until January 31st 2021.

Use this…
…to make these.

After that date, paper bead crafters will still be able to get the template from my Etsy shop.

This template is for cutting by hand, sticking to your paper card (temporarily), cutting strips along the template lines to make the beads and then decorate – all is explained in my YouTube tutorial.

It is easy to use if you have good eyesight so you can line up the ruler along the black cut lines easily.

I designed this more compact version of my other european paper bead template in two parts to save on paper but for those with poorer eyesight, the other, easier to use template is still available over on Etsy.

This template is better for people with poorer eyesight – it prints on two sheets and makes 11 beads.
This template is more compact, uses less paper and makes 12 beads

But, paper bead crafters, don’t forget you can get the compact template free until January 31st!

Just visit my sister site and download the free printable by mid-day on Feb 1st 2021.

Yes I know I said Jan 31st but I want to make sure no countries miss out because of time zone differences.

So if you want to make these stunning paper beads…

…paper bead crafters know what to do!

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