Loom Bands – Brilliant New Book!

Loom Bands – Exciting news!

Loom Bands

Some Loom Band charm ideas

Loom Band fans take note – on August 20th 2014 a new book is coming out to help you create the most awesome bracelets, charms and necklaces ever!

And you can get it the day after it comes out by following the link below and selecting First Class post at checkout stage.

Loom Bands are the latest craze —from the school yard and slumber parties to craft rooms and beyond, everyone can join in the fun.

Using a small and inexpensive plastic loom or simply just your fingers, it’s possible to create an infinite array of bright and colorful rings, bracelets, accessories, and gifts from nothing more than simple rubber bands known as Loom Bands. It’s the quick, easy and accessible craft that’s taking the world by storm.

Loom Band It provides step-by-step instructions for 60 original projects, using every color in the rainbow. Make a ring to match every outfit, swap bracelets with your friends and customize your handbags with bespoke rubber band straps. There’s even tutorials for super cool sandals and an eye-catching cell phone sleeve, too. What could be more rewarding than presenting friends, family and neighbors with a custom-made fun and funky rubber band gift.

Loom Bands have never been so popular and these tutorials give you all you need to make your own elaborate patterns and designs, as well as providing inspiration for customizing your crafts. Ping through these loom ideas, stretch your imagination, and you’ll become an accomplished Loomineer in no time!

And it isn’t only children who have been taken by Loom Bands madness – only yesterday I saw a newspaper feature about Mel Barron, an Ipswich woman who took up the craze while recovering from a serious operation. See the full color feature here.

Mel talks about how she found making bracelets and charms very relaxing, which was a great relief for me as I thought I was the only person over the age of 12 who leaves a trail of Loom Bands round the house!

As a newbie to this easy, fun and gentle craft, I will definitely be one of the first to get this fantastic little book when it comes out on August 20th. Order your copy now!