Five Reasons Why I Read Your Blog – No 4

Five reasons why I read your blog - part four.

4) You are a 'muser' or a 'rambler'.

All the self-styled blogging experts shout ‘you MUST have a niche!” Why? I don’t want one thanks. I also don’t want to read the same kind of stuff trotted out week in week out.

All the self-styled blogging experts shout ‘you MUST have a niche!” Why? Click To Tweet

Mix it up and I will be there to read it. The ‘experts’ seem to assume the entire blogging world wants to make money and must therefore pander to the masses. To make money online, most people need a number of different income streams and they take quite a while to build into profitable niche websites.

The blogs that are clearly driven by the desire to conform and make money really bore me and I rarely return to them. If you are staying true to who you are by rambling or musing on whatever grabs your attention, I will read you.

why I read your blog

Honour your uniqueness - muse and ramble if that is what makes you happy.

I love blogs that swing wildly from one topic to the next because that is how life is - a huge mix of experiences. Authenticity, humility and warmth are completely wonderful to stumble across when reading blogs. I feel the same way when meeting people in everyday life.

I love blogs that swing wildly from one topic to the next because that is how life is. Click To Tweet

So many people who prefer musing or rambling are worried about the constant 'niche' issue that comes up time and again in posts from 'experts'. While it may be sound advice for serious commercially minded bloggers, it is poor advice for someone who simply wants to write with no 'rules' stifling them.If it isn't all about money and numbers for you, relax, don't get caught up in the 'niche' frenzy. Muse, ramble - be yourself. Life is to short to spend it pleasing people who will never read your blog because their focus is vastly different to your own.

 Blogs written by humble people who just love writing are brilliant. When I find myself smiling as I read or laughing out loud, then I know I have found a gem. I have read blogs that have the ability to trigger a wide range of emotions in the space of 2000 words. To me, that is great writing.

When I find myself smiling as I read or laughing out loud, then I know I have found a gem. Click To Tweet

Those are the ones I go back to again and again because they have depth and reality to them.

Do you hear the sound of a different drummer? That's the beat you need to take note of - it speaks to your soul.

Next up - reason No 5 of 5 Reasons Why I Read Your Blog.


  1. I’ve only just found your blog and BAM! right off the bat you spoke straight to me. I am not a niche blog either – very very very far from it. When I first started writing I felt such intense pressure to ‘find a niche’ – all the courses on blogging are very niche-centric, with a very strong emphasis on commodifying that niche. Even our souls are up for sale it seems. I was born anti-popular culture I think, so after a short time I just went with my own flow. My following is small, but I really don’t care, I just love the writing and sharing. Great post and will be following you. Thank you xx
    Sarah Cox recently posted…The normality of being baldMy Profile

    1. Hello Sarah and thanks for reading and commenting. Absolutely with you on this – a small following for our ‘go with the flow’ blogs is fine. My main reason for blogging is the delirious feeling I get from not being beholden to editors anymore. So good to meet another anti-popular culture person! I think there are quite a few of us out there. Visiting you next! X

        1. You are very welcome – yes, I am really pleased we connected – we have lots in common as writers and as crafters, it seems from your Pinterest boards. xxx

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Mithra – it was supposed to be one post but was way too long so I made it into five parts. Probably could do more as I am always finding new blogs and new reasons why I love them so much! But I think I’ll stop at five. 🙂

  2. Blogs that swing wildly from one topic…that’s kind of my life in a nutshell, hahaa.

    I love this, because I write without the masses or any income in mind. Hence, I ramble, and I sure don’t follow any rules.

    A heartfelt thank you for making me feel like…a writer. 😀
    Stef recently posted…My “Disconnected” LifeMy Profile

    1. Hi Matt – yes – your blog is brilliant (in my humble opinion 🙂 Blogger? Writer? Writer sounds better. I find your writing fresh and sort of bold – I think that’s the word I want. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    1. Hi Fran – many thanks for visiting and commenting – I appreciate your time. Niche’s are ok for getting specific information but I do love the ramblers and musers!

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