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Brown Paper Fabric – So Easy To Make!

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 Brown Paper Arty ‘Fabric’

Brown Paper
Amazing Art Creations From Brown Paper

Brown paper isn’t that inspiring, right? Wrong! It can be the really inexpensive foundation for your works of art, destined to become one-off journal covers.

Strong brown paper is weird stuff. When you screw it up and open it out over and over again, it goes like fabric. The fibre content seems to break down and it becomes more cloth-like than paper.

It is one of my favorite papers to work with because it is relatively cheap, compared to art papers; one roll will give you hours of creativity. It will also give you a pile of original, one-off designs that make fantastic journal or album covers.

You can even stitch brown paper after you have softened it by the method I use, so there are infinite uses for your works of art.

Get Creative With Brown Paper Today

There are various ways of coloring brown paper from pastels and permanent felt-tips to acrylic paint. I have experimented with many different ways of producing ‘fabric’ from paper, including using high-fibre content artists papers in different weights and textures (and prices!!!!). Now, I have a huge box full of my own designs that could never be repeated due to the randomness of the process and it is a massive advantage to me when I want to add something extra special to an album or journal I am making.

Although lots of different papers work really well, some even better than brown paper, I still prefer using it above other papers because it is cheaper for experimenting on in large quantities.

If you want to see my process, click over to my page on where you will find step by step instructions on how to make beautiful paper ‘fabric’. Click here

See how you can turn plain old brown paper like this:

Brown Paper
Plain Old Brown Paper

Into something dazzling – like this!

Brown Paper
Dazzling ‘fabric’ like Material From Brown paper

The tutorial on is a basic how-to guide but I will be updating here over the coming months to expand into other brown paper projects that you can try once you have some of you own designs finished.

So do check back now and then to see what you can do with your brown paper creations. Have fun and don’t worry about ‘mistakes’, – there are no such things when dabbling with arty crafty stuff – just new discoveries!

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